Niki de Saint Phalle and her “Nanas”

There is little time left to watch the impressive exhibition of Niki de Saint Phalle

Feminist, self-educated artist, mother, spouse, rebel, model but if there is one single word I would use to define her, that would be: modern. She was an extremely modern woman for her time, fighting until the end for what she believed in, and that was basically the status of women in society.

One, two, no, three times I have visited the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition at the Grand Palais. And the reason is not that I completely agree with what the artist says, the only reason is that the exposition is majestic and very well elaborated. It is the first time in my life that I spend three hours looking at every single aspect of her work, and I have been lucky to conduct a private visit for some british clients in this magical atmosphere…

It is always a pleasure to teach others what yourself you enjoy so much. So the great news are that the Niki de Saint Phalle exposition still goes on until February 2nd and that PARIS Unlimited still has some spots for a private visit!! Enjoy!!