Magic of Being Parisienne

“Dear Marie-France, I think our lunch with Ines was a great success! How could it not? Were your ladies happy with the whole day? Schiaparelli, Vivier and Hervé van der Straeten….a super parisian full day, no? I enjoyed meeting Marie-Laure, Tatiana, Aude, Melissa, all of them are absolutely great. And Gemma!! What a hit. Anyway, your group was fab! A huge kiss, you are a star!” – Cristina

“Marie-France nous emmène sur un air de macadam pour une journée Parisienne, à la rencontre des pépites de la capitale, Elsa Schiaparelli, Rogier Vivier & Hervé van der Straeten … Quelle joie d’être Parisienne, avec Marie-France!” – Aude

“This was an exceptional day and you could feel everyone was enchanted! Meeting with Farida and Ines and with all the persons who talked to us about these fabulous brands and gave us such a close and intimate understanding of their history, only with you could this happen!”